About Us

Welcome to G.T.A Pet Brands

With an experience of 16 years in the pet market, G.T.A Trading Ltd is one of the leading companies in Cyprus. Since founding we have managed to earn the respect of customers and supplier companies.

The steadily rise of the company is mainly due to the trained personnel in the field of promoting the brands and the partners we choose to cooperate with.

The reliability, stability and consistency of its people have won both the respect and trust of customers and partners.

These are the elements that form the basis of where G.T.A Trading Ltd will “build” the new efforts. Efforts that will focus on offering to the end consumer – their pets – quality products that will help them thrive.

It is no coinceidence that our company is recording a steady yearly increase in sales and satisfies the needs of a very competitive market.

Theodoros Papas – Managing Director

Our Focus


Your Pet

With so many products in today's world, we aim to find the very best for your pets that will help them thrive. That's why we choose some of the very best partners in the market.


Our Enviroment

When choosing brands we are mostly focusing on enviromently friendly products. It's where you and your pet lives, let's keep it clean.


End Consumer

It's all about the end consumer. Sometimes the end consumer might have four legs and a tail. A gesture to you after giving them a product we represent, it's the biggest 'Thank you' for us.

Pets are family members, treat them with the same respect.
Theodoros Papas